Where can I park? We have plenty of parking on the church lot.

When do people actually get there? The church is normally open at 9am Sundays for the worship teams to practice for the morning.  From September to June we have Sunday School for all ages.  This starts at 9:30 and people normally show up at 9:30 to 9:35.  Our worship service starts at 10:30 and people normally are here right around that time.  Our services start at 10:30 in the summer and people normally are here at 10:30 or a couple minutes later.

How will I be welcomed? We don’t have formal greeters at the door but have ushers at the back doors of the sanctuary.  We normally have a community welcoming time near the beginning of the service.  This is a roughly five minute time of hand-shaking and welcoming each other here.  Even though we live in a small town, for some, this is the only time they may connect during the week, so this is an important community building time for us.

What kinds of songs do you sing? We mostly sing choruses with some hymns and we use powerpoint and a projector.  We have a few different people leading the singing time and they each have a different style.  We normally will have a small worship band of piano and guitar, as well as drums.  Occasionally there will be creative elements like the use of flags during this time.

How long will the sermon be? Our pastor admits to long sermon phobia, so normally speaks 22-25 minutes.

What rituals do you have that I may be unfamiliar with? Besides the shaking hands and welcoming each other time, one of the unique elements of our church is the sharing time at the end of the service.  This is a quite informal time for people to share both troubles and joys and receive prayer.

Is the dress casual or more formal? Dress is casual, there are very few ties worn and ladies come in a variety of pants and dresses.

How long is the service? Our service usually last from 10:30 to 11:45 or noon, depending on the length of the sharing time.

Who can take communion if it is served? We welcome all those who know Jesus as Saviour to join us in communion, regardless of Christian background.  We normally do this the second Sunday of the month.

Will I be expected to give money? We do have an offering to help with local costs and to support our denomination, missionaries and other ministries.  There is no obligation to give.

What about kids? We have volunteers taking care of both a nursery and children’s church during the service.  The nursery is downstairs for children from Birth to age 4.  Children’s Church if for children aged 4 to grade 3, they are excused for children’s church just before the sermon.  For kids of all ages, we have clipboards with crayons and coloring pages to keep them entertained and our pastor rewards them with treats at the end of the service when they show him their pictures.